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GVB offers you state-of-the-art special solutions for quartz glass processing: Take advantage of the performance of our quartz glass plates - tailored to your individual specifications and requirements.

Benefit from the versatility of our quartz glass plates

Our quartz glasses are known for their extremely high purity, dielectric strength and their ability to transmit light across a broad spectrum. This makes them ideal for use in areas such as the semiconductor industry, optics and laser technology, the chemical industry and many other sectors. Our quartz glass experts will advise you competently on the selection of the optimum material for your individual requirements.

Why should you choose quartz glass plates from GVB?

Quartz glass plates are used in a wide range of industries

Discover how our quartz glass plates can enrich your business in various sectors.

Areas of application for quartz glass plates

Applications at high temperatures:

Fused silica sheets maintain their structural integrity and optical clarity even in extreme heat, making them ideal for industries where temperature fluctuations are common.

In metallurgy, for example, the ability of quartz glass plates to withstand high heat proves to be an advantage. This contributes to their use in furnaces and casting processes where extreme temperatures are essential for metal forming.

Chemical laboratories:

Quartz glass shows no reaction with most chemicals, so the integrity of your experiments is maintained. The optical clarity of the fused silica plate allows for precise observation, making it ideal for applications where visual monitoring of chemical reactions is critical.

Their longevity also minimizes the risk of contamination, ensuring the accuracy of test results in pharmaceutical and biotechnological research.

Use in semiconductor production:

The low thermal expansion of the quartz glass plates ensures dimensional stability during the manufacturing process, which is crucial for the precision required in semiconductor production.

At the same time, the high optical transparency of quartz plates enables precise alignment of the semiconductor layers. In addition, their purity in cleanroom environments is crucial to avoid contamination and ensure the quality and reliability of semiconductor components.

UV sterilization devices:

Quartz glass plates are transparent to germicidal UV-C wavelengths and therefore ensure the effectiveness of sterilization processes. They are also resistant to the corrosive effects of UV radiation.

These properties are particularly advantageous in the healthcare and water treatment sectors: the use of quartz glass increases the efficiency and durability of UV sterilization systems and thus contributes to the overall safety and reliability of these processes.

Outstanding quality and expert advice

GVB is characterized by a wide range of quartz glass products made of natural and synthetic quartz glass. This is mechanically polished, resulting in an exceptionally smooth surface.

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