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Quartz Tubes


In this section you will find detailed information about our quartz glass tubes and rods as well as for example, products made from it like lamp bulbs and closed-end tubes (so-called sleeves).

Quartz tubes EN09

Quartz tubes EN09 Our quartz tubes are often used as base material for a multitude of processed products. It is possible to decrease the hydroxyl content down to 2ppm, which is usually needed for the production in lighting applications (such as...
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Quarzröhren Ovisil 452

Quarzröhren Ovisil 452   OVISIL Download on demand
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Lamp bulbs

Lamp bulbs Lamp bulbs made of quartz glass consist of several assembled quartz tubes. They are – depending on the application - used for low-pressure emitters, medium-pressure emitters or high-pressure emitters. We produce the parts...
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Sleeves Sleeves made of quartz glass are used in UVC-devices (such as UVC-clarifiers) to avoid the contact between water and electrically conductive materials. Because of its high purity our quartz tubes EN09 offer an excellent transmission...
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Ground joints

Ground joints Ground joints made of quartz glass are used by glass blowers to produce devices and items that are used in laboratories or the industry. Furthermore they are used to connect quartz glass parts with each other. This somehow works...
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News from GründerRegion Aachen, 2/2014

From market research to quality assurance. The innovation voucher given to us by the federal state of Northrhine Westfalia is a financial contribution...
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